Agony of a Child Bride!!!

My Name Is Fatima Mustapha. I Am 21 Years Old. I Am From Makarfi In Kaduna State. I Would Like To Share My Divorce Diaries With You.
I was married off at age 11. In my village, most of us were married by age 12 to preserve our purity. I am still not sure what that means. I never thought it would happen to me because my parents allowed me to attend school instead of hawking and I loved school alot. In my school nobody made me do extra work because I was a girl. I loved school because I loved coming first and being ahead of the boys in my class. I was in JS2 when my mother started talking about getting me married. I honestly thought she was joking until my uncle brought his friend to our house as my suitor.
My suitor, Malam Faruk was a shoe seller and cobbler in Zaria. He was 42 years old and my parents felt he would make a good husband. I did not understand what they were all talking about. I really did not understand what I would do with a husband. So that’s how Malam Faruk started comi…

My Quest to Be ‘Cool’: Dealing With Low Self Esteem

I was born in Sekondi to a nurse and a farmer. At about 5 years, we moved to Komenda, a small town in the Central Region of Ghana. Even though I was one of the best students in primary school, I always felt ‘little’ when we travelled to cities like Cape Coast, Accra and Takoradi. I felt everyone there was more beautiful, more intelligent, spoke better English and was generally better than me. I had a similar experience in secondary school, always looking down on myself and feeling I was not good enough. Oh how I wished I were an ‘Accra girl’ because I thought they were so cool! Yet, when my family finally moved to Accra, I still didn’t feel cool. On top of this I didn’t even have a boyfriend! If only I could get a boyfriend, then I will be cool like the other girls… I thought. In University, I met some really wonderful friends, some of whom were from ‘rich’ families and I thought being friends with them will make me feel cool. I didn’t. I had the opportunity to start travelling abroad a…

One Month Before Stroke, Your Body Will Send You These Warning Signs – Don’t Ignore Them!

Yes, and this is the principle motivation behind why in this article we are going to discuss strokes, the most well-known cautioning signs and how to ensure yourself.
To begin with, you ought to realize that there are 2 noteworthy sorts of strokes: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes are more normal and are brought about by a narrowing or obstructing of veins to the mind, bringing about seriously diminished blood stream.
Hemorrhagic strokes are less basic and are created by seeping in the cerebrum. Will I make a straightforward inquiry – do you know what is stroke? Indeed, stroke is an ailment that inâuences the conduits prompting and inside the cerebrum. What’s more, it’s the no. 5 reason for death and a main source of incapacity in the United States.
A stroke happens when a vein that conveys oxygen and supplements to the mind is either hindered by a coagulation or blasts (or bursts). At the point when that happens, part of the mind can’t get the blood (and oxygen) it needs, so i…

Psychologists’ Advice: Never Say These 5 Phrases to Your Children

Everything we say and do have an impact on our children. According to psychologists, our word and deeds may affect our children’s adulthood. But, do you know why is that so? Children are like sponges; they receive everything. Their brains are still in development, and they have excess synapses at a rate of about 15,000 synapses a neuron which twice more than adults’ brains. The things in the environment we are exposed to many times are reinforced in the brain by a lot of neural links to those things. As our parents are the ones, we are mostly exposed to while we are growing up, the way they talk and treat us have a huge impact on us. In other words, the way our parents talk to us is how we talk to ourselves. If our parents were giving is support and courage, we would do the same to ourselves. And, if they were critical or angry toward us, we would be so hard on ourselves. Why is this important? The manner in which we talk to ourselves has an influence on our self-confidence, as well as ou…

My Dad Believed When No One Would

He wanted me, there was no mistaking it. He didn’t say it in words but you could cut the pure desire in his eyes with a knife and still wouldn’t cut through. This was the classic case of action speaking more than words……He wanted to know ALL about me….couldn’t think straight I suppose….he would invite me to his office and talk to me about almost everything under the sun……Some I understood because I have always been wiser than my years. You see, I was only 16 and in those days, 16 was really 16 or less in exposure. It’s wasn’t like nowadays. I had just been allowed to use make up and my gosh, did I experiment? It was not unusual to see different types of “artwork” on my face. And perhaps, because I was young fresh and UNTOUCHED, the contrast was exciting to him. Did I mention that I was a PYT(Pretty Young Thing) if I may say so myself…….. I will admit I enjoyed the attention and we would spend hours talking about almost everything. I lived a pretty sheltered life and had attended an All…

I Lost My Father At 12 - Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Recounts Her Life Struggles

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde, has been rated as the "Angelina Jolie" of Nigeria. The rating was done by an American cinematographer, Keith L. smith. 
Omotola shared the post on social media with a caption to celebrate the girl child. She in her post recounted how she lost her father at a tender age of 12 and being trained by a community of Ondo men.
She wrote on her experience as a girl child growing up without a father, the harassment she went through and the responsibility of taking care of her widowed mother till she passed on.
"On today's girl child day I'll do an unusual post true to me. As a child I lost my father age 12. Sponsored by a great community of Ondo men, the #Ekimogun club, so I could continue my education. At age 15, I started struggling to help my widowed mother. I started working in the Entertainment Industry. "While going to school, and working,  I faced many challenges as a female child... talk of being loose, perhaps being a…

COWLSO Conference to Focus on Ingenuity of Women - Bolanle Ambode

Wife of the governor of Lagos State and chairman of the Committee of the Wives of Lagos State Officials, COWLSO, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode, has said that this year’s National Women’s Conference, the 17th in the series, would focus on the ingenuity of women as innovators and solution providers.
She spoke in Alausa, Ikeja, while interacting with pressmen on the forthcoming conference, slated for 24th to 26th October, 2017, at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, adding that brand new cars, among other tempting prizes, would be won at the raffle draw of the gala, on day two of the programme.
She hinted that the conference with the theme ‘She Creates, She Transforms’, would be declared open by the wife of the vice-president, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo and declared closed by Governor Bindo Jibrilla of Adamawa State.
According to her, ‘This year’s conference theme is expected to focus on the ingenuity of the Nigerian women, in the pursuit of innovative and practical solutions aimed at achieving sustain…