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Why I Raise My Voice


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Have you ever wondered what stuff a woman is made of? The Holy Writ says she was carved out of a man's rib and given to him as special gift that must be cherished. Again, she came with a special mandate to be a Helpmeet to man; meaning that she is not a beast of burden, a necessary evil or an embodiment of distraction.  In fulfilling her God-given task, she occupies a pivotal place as central actor in the human family, spreading her nest to nurture and shield all that are under her care. Tough and herculean as her task is, she is often hurt by the same people she loves and seeks to serve. And whereas some have been broken, battered and crushed by the weight of the challenges of singleness, marriage, motherhood, widowhood, career, business, ministry and so on, others have remained positive and undaunted, in spite of the raging storm. Are these made of steel? What is it that keeps them going? What is it that makes some women combine so many tasks all at once? What is it that makes th…

The True Meaning of Success


Who Is a Successful Woman?


A Noble Man Is Not Intimated By His Wife’s Success -Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church, with headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos. A man highly respected and admired for hisnobility, impeccable integrity, forthrightness and large-heartedness, Odukoya is a firm believer that the church has a profound role to play in community development and expresses it through several outreach projects including a hospital, an orphanage, a school for destitute children, a farm, a water project which provides boreholes at strategic locations for people who have no access to clean and portable water as well as a skill acquisition and entrepreneurial institute for the less privileged. He is a mentor and great source of inspiration to both members and non-members of his church. His passion to strengthen the family unit also led to his founding the Discovery for Men and Discovery for Women program, non-denominational outreaches to men and women designed to help them maximize their God-given potentials.Of course t…

Fight Hard…but Fight Right -2

Mrs Esther Nwaogwugwu, a sociologist explained that there are different types of quarrels in marriage, some of which are quite creative. According to her, “This type of rows help to attain better relationship and when settled, either of the couple gets a feeling of satisfaction and achievement, knowing that they have accomplished a major milestone in their relationship that will strengthen their bond of love.”
Nwaogwugwu advised couples to be careful when things get bumpy in marriage. “When your relationship gets rough, learn to cast your mind back to those early days when things were rosy. Be very careful so you do not conclude that the union is now dull due to the several heated arguments. Just focus on the details of the misunderstanding on ground and be determined to get it amicably resolved. The storm must always brew; but then, it will always break. And remember that after rain comes sunshine. It may rain cat and dog, but then, it doesn’t last forever. So couples should always re…

Fight Hard… but Fight Right!

When last did you have  a misunderstanding with your spouse? What was it all about? Would you really say it was worth it? Can you both look back today and laugh over it? Or has it left you broken hearted and disillusioned about the relationship?

Few weeks ago the table turned for Mr And Mrs Frank Onuoha. Sadly, what started as a simple argument soon got heated and culminated in physical violence. Dora, the wife had said what, according to her husband, she should not have said. In response, Chris, the husband slapped his wife. Enraged, Dora retaliated and a big fight ensued and Chris ended up beating his wife blue. But for the timely intervention of neighbours, Dora would probably have been squeezed to death.
Unfortunately, the row marked the beginning of the end for a relationship that once blossomed as rose. So much was the bickering and misgivings that after five months of what they called ‘irreconcilable differences’, Dora finally decided to quit.That, for the Onuoha was the end of t…

Marraige As a Beautiful Box

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Strength Has No Gender


Women and Resilience

By Rose Gantner
Senior Director of Health Promotion
UPMC Work Partners
UPMC Insurance Services Division
Resilience is a scientific term that applies to materials that have the capacity to return to their original shape after being bent or stretched. Over time, however, we have come to apply the term to people as well. People who have the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, defeat, or other kinds of adversity.
For many women, resilience is a strength considered essential. Both women and men need resilience to deal with difficulties in life. But, women often need more resilience than men to overcome traditional obstacles placed in their way, in order to advance in the business world. Too many women, however, are not aware of the amount of resilience they do possess.
My friend, Gail M. Wagnild, Ph.D, is founder the Resilience Center and a national expert on resilience, and she says that when you know your capacity for resilience, it gives you the confidence to deal wit…

Funke Egbemode: Set to take Journalism to Greater Heights

She is the newly elected President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors. She is a respected journalist; the Editor-in-Chief of the New Telegraph Newspaper. The second female president of the NGE after late Mrs. Remi Oyo, Egbemode has promised to see the guild change for the better and to make it more visible.

' We have produced commissioners, spokespersons of the President, NNPC GCM on Public Affairs and so on. What I want us to do is to ensure that we remain the pool where the nation drinks,' she said.

Egbemode has assured that the NGE would continue to produce quality people that would serve the nation. Women are truly change-makers. The pendulum is swinging; women are moulding the nations of the world!