Why Women Empowerment?

Did you know that among the 1.4 million people all over the world who are living below $1 a day, about 70% are women and girls?
Did you know that women account for around two-thirds of the world's working hours and earn only 10% of the world's income?
Did you know that women produce HALF of the world's food and own only 1% of its land? And of the 900 million adults worldwide who cannot read or write, about two thirds are women!? Need I say more?
Simple put, women and girls are the most potentially capable untapped resource on the face of the earth. And this is why we need women empowerment. Also, this is why the Gender Equality goal of the
United Nations Millennium Development Goals is so important.
Women empowerment means marginalizing power in women and girls so that they can play a significant role in the society!

After being suppressed in a patriarchal world for so long, women just need a little help to raise their voices against oppression, female foeticide, rapes, dowry, gender equality and more.
Ending lasting problems like poverty means realising individual potentials of the people on earth and how much they could be worth, if given a chance. And this begins with women empowerment and gender equality.
After all, as Malala said, extremists have shown what frightens them the most, a girl with a book. 

Why is it that 64% of the 4th grade girls said they liked science and math when only 18% of all college engineering majors were females? See?
However, looking at the bright side, as the new generation proceeds to eliminate some engaging issues, women empowerment gets more and more real and as it seems, it is here to stay. Because, women are not the edge of reason, they are the reason itself. They are beginning to raise their voices, akin Leslee Udwin who had the nerve to valiantly admit on a public platform of having been raped, and to unflinchingly protest for her brilliantly documented film called India's Daughter, where she showcases that the true evil in a rape case is not the rapist, but the society itself who demeans the rape victim beyond revival.

By Samidha Paroha - www.quora.com

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